You live in many Universes

The complexity and richness of the human experience can never be fully explained in words or understood with the brain alone, and actually, they will never be fully understood by mankind as it evolves and on. It is true that the human species has the capacity to understand the truth nature of the universe, but only with full utilization in a more balanced way, of the intelligence and the intuitive issues with the entire personality. The worldly based ego area of human consciousness simply is not capable of comprehension of industrys that have no physical basis, and the physical world that you call “Earth” is only possible because of the limitless potentials of the inner world and inner universe of psychological fact which is its source. If there were no inner world, no inner universe, and no inner YOU, you and your versions of these material buildings could not exist at all.

Many of the subjects that we try to discuss here could not be adequately discussed in a full book, therefore it is necessary to pare them down in scope and length in order to even get across the most basic of meanings. You may ask what you gain from knowing these things that we discuss here, even if they are true and I know that many of you have your doubts. It is not my job to encourage you of anything, but to enhance your scope of inquisitiveness and make you aware of the truth breadth and depth of your true reality Biaya Uhamka.

I try to the best of my limited ability, to acquaint you with facts that would otherwise remain hidden, and in that way, help you navigate in a sometimes confusing world. You are far more than you know, and I mean to explain to you, who and what you actually are and make you aware of your vast potentials. Whether or not you use this information in your favor is of course, up to you, but you will learn, if not in this life, then in another. There is no end to it all.

What you gain is a better understanding of your true nature as a unique personality on earth and this inside of it should give you a safer feeling, knowing that your identity is endless and ever renewing. You are indelible in the context of time and out of the context of time and you are growing toward a deeper knowing. I need to admit, that we do sprinkle these documents with information about some phenomenon such as flying saucers, levitation and in a way that are not always relevant, but I really do need to keep your interest, don’t I?

I have said over and over that there are countless industrys and universes, fields, dimensions and aircraft which exist unbeknownst to you, even though you have intimate familiarity with some of them which exist in the identical space that you consider yours alone. Where you see nothing and call it empty space is literally filled with other data waiting to be used by other creatures in other industrys relevant to them. I don’t want to bumble on here without making what I am saying perfectly clear. Your species and its particular kind of consciousness is superbly equipped to fetter out the “exact” electrical and chemical data within what seems to be your empty space, psychically mold it into meaningful patterns, (tables, chairs, cars and events), organize it, classify it, name it and share these objects and events with your contemporaries as your mutually accepted reality. After all, your table must also be my table.